Uttaradhi Math

Sri Uttaradi Maṭha : ಶ್ರೀ ಉತ್ತರಾದಿಮಠ श्री उत्तरादिमठ: Uttaradi Maṭha
is a Dvaita maṭha (a monastic religious establishment) based in southern India and has great history. It is one of the original seats of Jagad-guru Śri Madhvacharya and thus belongs to the Madhva sampradaya.

"The Supreme God also wanted to bless the souls with divine knowledge, by which they can attain salvation. For this purpose, the Supreme God — Sri Narayaṇa himself incarnated as
Sri Haṁsa and adorned the pontifical seat called the Haṁsa-Piṭha. As He is also known as Uttara, the Maṭha initiated by Him came to be known as "Uttara-Adi Maṭha" (The Maṭha initiated by Sri Uttara)."

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